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Emily Cole

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Learn more about the artist behind Journey...

Emily Cole is an illustrator specialising in equestrian humour with the occasional farm animal thrown in for good measure.

Before Emily took up illustrating, she had my eyes set on becoming an Architect; she graduated with a First Class Honours and had started work in a practice with the outlook to eventually become a fully chartered. However during her degree, Emily began to professionally hone her skills for procrastination and it came somewhat surprisingly in the form of gangly Ponies with large cartoon eyes.

When Nick Skelton jumped onto the podium too early after winning Team Gold at the 2012 Olympics, she decided to draw it. British Showjumping were quick to purchase the image and present it to the rider.

One thing has since lead to another and Emily began to take on commissions. Before she knew it she was faced with the daunting prospect of abandoning her career as an Architect to draw Cartoon Horses and after explaining to a rather confused boss, she now illustrate full time!


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