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Last Horse Standing is the Winner

Last Horse Standing is the Winner Credit

"A Horse, a Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse!"

Inspired by one of Shakespeare’s best known lines – and the most famous horse quote in the English language - ‘A Horse, a Horse! My kingdom for a Horse! The quote is nicely circular, starting and ending with the word "horse". One of the most popular scenes in British History, as written by Shakespeare, shows the Lancastrians and Yorkists taking sides by choosing red and white roses in Temple Garden. So one side of the horse is covered in red roses, the other in white, with a Tudor Rose as a rosette on the horse's head.

Artist: Mike Flight
Mike is a professional artist who has tackled animation, lecturing, teaching and live art performances during his career

Sponsor: Yeomans
A respected and experienced local business which provides innovative design, print and mailing services. Yeomans is passionate about helping businesses stand out, reach more customers and grow; whilst doing “the right thing” and building relationships that clients can depend on.

Location: Tonbridge Castle

For more information

If you would like more information about the auction or sponsorship of this horse please contact Emma Whittington on emma.whittington@hospiceintheweald.org.uk or 01892 820542

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