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First Past the Post

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Who do you think will be First Past the Post?

A surreal race that instead of horses, has an unusual assortment of lifeforms, which are various size and stature. The finest jockeys in their colourful silks are asked to compete, deciding on either a bird, fish, mammal or gastropod of their choice. The only way to make it a fair race for all competitors is to involve a pair of stilts! And so the race begins...

Artist: Anna-Marie Buss
Following a career in graphic design, Anna Marie turned to professional art – she likes to challenge the viewer by employing an unusual juxtaposition of ideas and images that are well-crafted and drawn, images that are ‘real’ in an otherwise unreal world.

Sponsor: Big Yellow Self Storage
Big Yellow Self Storage is the UK’s favourite self storage company, providing self storage solutions for homes and businesses.

Location: Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells

For more information

If you would like more information about the auction or sponsorship of this horse please contact Emma Whittington on emma.whittington@hospiceintheweald.org.uk or 01892 820542

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