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The Hospice Herd is Here!

Fancy a fun day out? Why not hunt down the famous Herd from Hospice in the Weald?

The herd, a group of 24 life-size horse sculptures, is currently on show in a unique public art installation, surprising and delighting sightseers across West Kent and East Sussex.

Designed and painted by local artists and generously sponsored by local businesses, the stunning horses have already created a stampede of interest in the parks and other public spaces where they are on display, ranging through Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge as far as Westerham in the north and Isfield to the south.

To help to track them down and find the nearest ones to you, you can download a Herd Trek map from the website herdofthehospice.co.uk, showing the locations of all 24.

The website includes pictures of the herd and details of the artists who created the dramatic and colourful images. To show your support for the hospice, you can buy special Herd of the Hospice merchandise from the special Herd shop which the hospice will opened in Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells at the end of July.  Pop in and you will also have the opportunity to add your hand print to a horse that is yet to be decorated!

When you track down each horse, you can encourage others to join in the fun by taking a selfie and sharing it on social media with the hashtag #jointheherd on twitter @thehospiceherd or facebook herdofthehospice. At the horse’s feet, you’ll find a panel which, along with other information, will tell you how to make a donation as part of the campaign.

The herd will stay on show until October when the horses will be brought together for an exhibition at Royal Victoria Place before an auction in which you can bid to take one home for heeps.

If you’ve enjoyed tracking down the Herd please do text to donate to support your local Hospice.  Text HERD to 70660 to donate £3 to Hospice in the Weald.  90p in every £1 raised goes directly towards patient care.  Every donation makes a difference!

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