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A word from our headline sponsor...

Read why and how Yeomans have supported Herd of the Hospice?

As a local specialist in innovative design, print and mailing, who’s working with over 130 charities; Yeomans are passionate about helping organisations stand out and make more of a difference. We are delighted to give our support to such an inspirational and artistic campaign, that’s making such a great impression locally.

We also have a personal reason for choosing to stand alongside Hospice in the Weald with this campaign. The team gave great care, love and support to one of our founders and his family, when his mum bravely fought, and sadly lost, her battle against cancer. The family remain hugely thankful for the support they received during such a challenging time.

Knowing that Hospice in the Weald depends entirely on the generosity of supporters, we were motivated to get involved in this campaign to raise awareness and inspire additional giving, whilst celebrating the great support given by members of the community that the Hospice serves.

We have a Yeomans sponsored horse in each of the major towns featured in the trek, and really hope people visit each of them and #JoinTheHerd by taking and sharing their selfies before the end of September.

The Yeomans horses to look out for are:

Rockin’ Horse – Designed by our team and wonderfully brought to life by Jasmine Haskell, our horse in Tunbridge Wells is a play on the traditional “Rocking horse”. Celebrating the profound ability of music to help boost brain activity and recall memories and emotions, Rockin’ Horse

incorporates eye-catching images of musical icons that have inspired and entertained over many years, bringing happy memories to mind.

Jockey – When we first saw Chris Burke’s colourful and fun depiction of a horse as a jockey we just had to adopt him as our own. He brings a smile to your face and makes such a great impression, how many horses have you seen wearing clothes?! You can find him in Sevenoaks.

Last Horse Standing is the Winner – Next time you’re near Tonbridge Castle, have a look for our third horse. It’s fitting that he’s displayed in a historic setting, having been inspired by Shakespeare’s famous line “A Horse, a Horse! My kingdom for a Horse!” Thanks to artist Mike Flight for such a vibrant design!

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