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Meet the Herd!

Designed and hand-painted by local artists and generously sponsored by local businesses, all of the herd members have now been sold.  The horses willl all be settled in their new homes in the next few weeks. 

Tunbridge Wells

Read all about it!

Round of Applause

Can you see your handprint?

Winter Bloom

Our handwritten member of the Herd!


The Herd's winged unicorn has arrived!

Othello affectionately known as Pebbles

The only member of the herd covered head to hoof in glass pebbles!

Rockin' Horse

For many people, the traditional “Rocking Horse” conjures up memories of childhood, fun, laughter and enjoyment.

Steam Punk

The only member of the herd to be designed by a school student!

Pembury Lass

Pembury Lass is currently at the vets!

Call of the Ocean

Fancy a visit to the seaside?

First Past the Post

Who do you think will be First Past the Post?

Interstellar Steed

Instellar Steed is currently at the vets!

Wild and Wonderful

"Have you ever looked at a muddy path to see who's tracks have passed through?"

Last Horse Standing is the Winner

"A Horse, a Horse! My Kingdom for a Horse!"


Let us take you on a Journey...

Four Seasons in One Day

Zebra stripes formed from the tree trunks of local woodlands


The messiest member of the Herd!


The undefeated of Kent!


The smartest member of the Herd!


Every day a million miracles begin at Sunrise!

Penny Copperfield

Every penny counts!


Our very own racehorse!

How Many Times Can A Man Turn His Head?

"How Many times can a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn't see?"


The British Hedgerow brought to life!

Field of the Wild

Field of the Wild is currently at the vets!

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Information heading

Herd of the Hospice

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